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Looking Back at EHS Compliance Week

As EHS Daily Advisor winds down Compliance Week, let’s take a look back at our various content offerings throughout the week. Compliance with the various requirements and regulations surrounding safety is a key component in improving workplace safety, and the guests who contributed their expertise this week provided plenty of useful and insightful tips and […]

Confusion about TSCA 8(e) Reporting

Recap: What Is Section 8(e)? TSCA Section 8(e) is a single short paragraph that has been the source of widespread confusion since TSCA became law in 1976.  Section 8(e) simply states that U.S. chemical manufacturers (including importers), processors, and distributors must notify the EPA within 30 days of obtaining information that reasonably supports the conclusion […]

Clearing Up Confusion About EPCRA Responsibility

Defining responsibility for EPCRA compliance on a site can often lead to questions that apply only to that particular situation or event. One such situation is that of chemicals brought on a site by contractors hired to perform work and where reporting responsibility lies—with the facility owner/operator or with the contractor. According to the Environmental […]

The Business Case for Water Conservation

We have all seen water waste—sprinklers running during a rainstorm, dripping restroom faucets, and toilets that won’t stopping running—and think, “Boy, I’d hate to have to pay that water bill.” But more and more, business and industry are facing the fact that harnessing and controlling water usage is a line item that can no longer […]

EPA Inspection Cheat Sheet

Know the Answers Typically, an inspector will assess the effectiveness of your facility’s environmental and safety programs by asking environmental, operations, and maintenance staff to answer a series of general questions. Know the answers to these questions to stay ahead of the game. Need an answer fast? Relax. Our editors guarantee a personalized response to […]