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Title V Permitting Petitions Get a New Look

Noting that the Clean Air Act’s (CAA) petition process for Title V permits will benefit from additional clarity and transparency, the EPA has issued a final rule that establishes three new provisions for petitions.

Court Denies Petition Compelling EPA to Issue Nationally Uniform Rules

A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit denied an industry petition that sought to compel the EPA to issue nationally uniform regulations to resolve differences created by inconsistent decisions by regional federal circuit courts. Generally, the panel found that the Clean Air Act (CAA) section the petitioners relied on to […]

Proposal Would Amend Title V Petition Process

More than 20 years after first issuing rules governing the process by which parties can petition the EPA to consider possible Clean Air Act (CAA) infractions contained in Title V operating permits, the Agency is proposing a new set of requirements pertaining to such petitions and the overall petition process. The stated intent of the […]