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More on Used Oil Generator Requirements

Used Oil Handler Activities A generator’s used oil activities may subject the generator to the responsibilities of one or more other used oil handler categories. These requirements would be in addition to those required of generators. Other handler categories and the activities that would subject the generator to these additional requirements are: Transporters. Generators who […]

Are You a Used Oil Generator?

Storage Requirements The rules state that generators must not store used oil in units other than tanks, containers, or units regulated under 40 CFR 264 or 40 CFR 265 (40 CFR 279.22(a)). (Tanks include both aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs)). According to EPA, this does not mean that the ASTs or […]

DIY SPPC Plan Amendments

5-Year Review Owners and operators of regulated facilities must review SPCC plans at least every 5 years. As a result of such review, plans must be amended within 6 months of the review to include more effective prevention and control technology if the technology has been field-proven at the time of the review and will […]

EPA and SPCC Plan Amendments

Discharges and Releases EPA may require the facility to amend its SPCC plan to adequately prevent and contain future oil discharges and releases. A regulated facility must notify the EPA regional administrator within 60 days if it has: Discharged more than 1,000 gallons (gal) of oil in a single event; or Experienced two spills of […]