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Best Practices and a Case Study for UST Compliance

Nassau County in New York recently settled 48 counts of violations related to underground storage tank (UST) regulations in a civil matter filed by the EPA in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. As part of the agreement, Nassau must “install equipment to [ensure] adequate leak detection across all county […]


The Projected E15 Rule and Its Effect on USTs

Appeals from the petroleum industry notwithstanding, the EPA recently announced that it will continue to take action to “significantly increase the 2020 U.S. biofuel mandate.” One promised action is rulemaking to streamline labeling and “remove other barriers” to the sale of E15, a fuel comprising 85 percent (%) conventional gasoline and 15% ethanol.

Compatibility Requirements for USTs with Blended Fuels

In today’s world, underground storage tanks (USTs) contain an assortment of products ranging from gasoline to diesel to biofuels to hazardous chemical substances. Because of the wide swath of fuels and chemical substances available, it is imperative for tank owners to ensure that the tank itself is compatible with the substance stored. Storing certain fuels […]

EPA Finds Extensive Corrosion in Diesel USTs

Corrosion of underground steel tanks containing diesel fuel is possibly occurring at a high rate, according to a study released by EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST). While the study is limited—covering only 42 “diverse” UST systems nationwide—and also makes use of anecdotal reports from UST operators, the OUST found a remarkably high percentage […]

After the Flood: UST Response Tips

After the Flood: UST Response Tips Floods can be devastating events, causing billions of dollars in damage. When USTs are impacted by flooding, the damage can include releases of a variety of UST contents into the environment, adding to the destruction and the costs for USTs’ owners and operators. When a UST has been in […]

Before the Flood: UST Prep Tips

Before the Flood: UST Prep Tips One of the greatest natural threats affecting the United States is flooding that can result from a variety of events—from heavy rain to earthquakes and tsunamis to hurricanes. Floods can also result from man-made events like dam and levee breaches and poor stormwater management. Knowing what can happen and […]