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Evaluating Your UST System After a Flood

Recently, the southeastern United States was slammed by a monster storm—Hurricane Matthew. The destructive hurricane created significant storm surges and caused severe flooding along much of the Atlantic coast. When major flooding occurs, underground storage tank (UST) systems can lift out of the ground, rupture, and release oil or other regulated substances. A single UST […]

EPA Finds Extensive Corrosion in Diesel USTs

Corrosion of underground steel tanks containing diesel fuel is possibly occurring at a high rate, according to a study released by EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST). While the study is limited—covering only 42 “diverse” UST systems nationwide—and also makes use of anecdotal reports from UST operators, the OUST found a remarkably high percentage […]

USTs: Inspections 101

Aging tanks, muddled inspections, and inadequate recordkeeping can increase the probability for underground storage tank (UST) spills and releases. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that more than 6,000 releases are discovered annually, and as of 2015, more than 525,000 total releases from USTs have occurred. UST owners and operators that fail to conduct […]

Emergency preparedness: Is your UST Class C operator really ready?

When an unforeseeable emergency occurs at your retail motor fueling facility, are your employees adequately trained and prepared to respond to the situation? Retail motor fueling facilities, such as gas stations, have underground storage tanks (USTs) containing regulated substances. Unforeseen situations such as fires, spills, or severe-weather-induced power outages can have serious consequences on a […]

USTs: Building a Risk Management Plan

Did you know that the EPA estimates the average cost to clean up a spill or release from an underground storage tank (UST) system is $125,000? These high costs to clean up a spill or a release can cause significant anxiety and stress on any UST owner or operator.

Ask the Technical UST Expert!

In anticipation of BLR’s upcoming underground storage tank (UST) Master Class, Emily Remmel sat down with copresenter Dennis Oberdove, owner and president of Tank Integrity Services, to get a sense of the daily troubleshooting issues that arise on the ground when testing UST systems.

Conference Wrap-Up: UST chaos: SPA inconsistences palpable

In mid-September, approximately 800 underground storage tank (UST) professionals gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, for the 25th National Tanks Conference and Expo, which was cosponsored by the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC). The event summoned state and federal regulators, tribal representatives, the regulated community, environmental consultants, and tank industry experts under a single […]