EHSDA Shorts: Enhancing Engagement by Digitizing EHS

On this week’s episode of EHSDA Shorts, we hear from Scott Bailey, Safety Systems Manager at Dawn Food Products, about how EHS digital transformation initiatives can enhance employee engagement. Tune in to hear his insights.

Transcript (edited for clarity):

Question: How can EHS digital transformation initiatives enhance employee engagement?

Bailey: You know, I think there might be a tendency in a lot of places where maybe people think safety just belongs to the safety manager.

And so, when there’s an incident or something like that that needs to be reported, it’s up to them.

But we’ve had the opportunity, particularly with our mobile app, to engage with our frontline supervisors and managers, to get more involved with the incident reporting and incident management process, because they’re working directly with those team members on the frontline.

Also, when you use some of these tools to put new functionality out there, you have opportunities to further engage with your frontline team members.

Like if you have an app for reporting a suggestion for improvement or a new idea, those then can be collected mobiley, and then they can be communicated out.

You know, where they’re at in the process, are they being reviewed by somebody, what’s being implemented, if something’s not being implemented, [and] then why we call it a safety action register.

I think that things like that help to get team members more engaged in the process with safety when they have the ability to easily submit something, and then they see that it’s actually being seen by somebody and addressed.

And then also with things like reporting near misses, we’re looking at introducing something like kiosk mode, where you don’t have to go track somebody down when you see a near miss, unsafe act, or unsafe condition.

You don’t have to fill out a form and drop it off in somebody’s office.

And we might have an iPad on the floor that you can go to, and you can quickly and easily report that situation so that it can be looked at.