Faces of EHS: Katrina Fenimore on Mental Health and Asking for Help

Katrina Fenimore is an occupational safety and health professional with a demonstrated history of working in the public sector industry. She has her bachelor’s Degrees focused in Experimental Psychology and Criminal Justice from Eastern Washington University, as well as a Bachelor’s in Safety & Health Management with a minor in Risk Management from Central Washington University. She is currently pursuing an Associates in Risk Management (ARM) as well. Right now, Katrina is the Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator for the Association of Washington Cities (AWC), a nonpartisan non-profit, where she travels to over 130 membership cities, counties, and special districts across Washington State to coordinate with leaders to ensure that workers on the job are safe.

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, we sat down with Katrina to discuss interpersonal relationships, psychological safety, and the importance of asking for help. Tune in to hear her insights.