Faces of EHS: Rachel Housman on 2023 EHS Trends

Rachel Housman, CSP, CIH, is a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist with 11 years of experience. She started her career in manufacturing and construction doing everything from field audits to industrial hygiene sampling and eventually moved on to consulting for large consulting firms. In 2017, she began working for herself as a freelance independent consultant for both national and international companies while she traveled the world with a backpack and a laptop.

Rachel founded Ally Safety in 2019, a company that creates entertaining safety training videos with the goal of continuously improving safety training to be better at conveying key safety concepts while being engaging, entertaining, and most of all, relatable. She is also the recent winner of the EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Award for Innovations and Safety Training.

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, we sat down with Rachel to discuss future predictions and EHS trends in 2023. Tune in to hear her insights.