Hazardous and Solid Waste

Compliance Tip: Delisting Your Waste

So, for example, a waste generated at your facility may meet a listing description even though the process uses raw materials different from those  EPA assumed were used when listing the waste—as such, the waste may not contain the contaminants for which it was listed. Similarly, after treatment of a listed waste, the residues may no longer pose a threat to human life and the environment.

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Specifically, the petition must demonstrate that the waste does not:

  • Meet the criteria for which it is listed.
  • Exhibit any EPA hazardous waste characteristics (ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and/or toxicity).
  • Pose a threat to human health and the environment by being hazardous for any other reason (e.g., does not contain additional constituents that could pose a threat).

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If your EPA region or state grants the delisting petition, the particular wastestream at your facility will not be regulated as a listed hazardous waste.