EHS Management

Planning a Strategy for Your Environmental Audits

Team Member Qualifications

25 Does the team leader:

  • Have familiarity with regulations?
  • Understand current enforcement practices?
  • Possess strong organizational skills?
  • 26 Is the process engineer:
  • Familiar with the processes that the company uses?
  • Knowledgeable about technological advances?
  • 27 Does the industrial hygienist:
  • Have familiarity with OSHA laws?
  • Possess a working knowledge of properly written job descriptions?
  • Recognize proper training programs?
  • 28 Does the lawyer:
  • Have expertise with current laws, rules, regulations, and litigation cases in the environmental field?
  • Demonstrate organizational and communication skills?
  • Have the authority to define contractual agreements?
  • Know how to evaluate liabilities?

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Previsit Issues

29 Has the team been organized, and has it met?

30 Has each team member’s role been defined?

31 Have you requested all pertinent data, such as:

  • Facility design?
  • Worker health and safety records?
  • Previous violations?
  • In-house inspection schedules?
  • Training information?
  • Copies of all permits?
  • Job descriptions?
  • Visit date and time established?

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Decision Making

32 Is upper-level management involved in the audit?

33 If upper-level management is involved, will it propose a resolution of corrective action?

34 If upper-level management is not involved, are you and your environmental staff capable of achieving the remedial answers to the identified problems?

35 If you feel you are not capable of remedying the problems on your own, have you:

  • Done as much correcting as you can?
  • Kept up your efforts to gain corporate support to put your company into compliance?

How’d You Do?

These questions are designed to gauge both the weaknesses and the strengths of your planning strategy. So, for example, more “no” than “yes” answers may indicate general planning strategy problems.

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