Regulatory Developments

New at Cal/OSHA: Redefined Repeat Citations and Electronic Appeals Tracking

In 2008 and 2009, 12 construction workers died in an 18-month period on the Las Vegas Strip. An investigation by the Las Vegas Sun revealed that Nevada OSHA inspectors were simply failing to enforce existing safety standards.

Its report led not only to a damning investigation of Nevada’s state-run OSHA program but also to hearings in the U.S. House and Senate and a thorough review by federal OSHA of all 25 state-run OSHA programs, including Cal/OSHA.

Federal OSHA’s reports on deficiencies in state-run OSHA programs were published in September 2010. Cal/OSHA has been working steadily ever since to address federal OSHA’s criticisms—including a criticism that Cal/OSHA had too narrowly drawn the criteria for “repeat” citations and criticisms of Cal/OSHA’s appeals process. Keep reading to find out what has changed.
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