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Will the 2017 Federal Construction General Stormwater Permit Affect my Requirements?

Q. Will the 2017 federal construction general stormwater permit change my current requirements?

A. Unless your site is in Idaho, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or New Mexico, or in a territory or on Tribal Land, the 2017 federal construction stormwater permit will not impact you right away. If you are in one of these areas, yes – this will be your new go-to permit and the requirements will take place on the effective date which is February 17, 2017.

If your site does not fall under the federal permit for coverage, you will likely see changes over the next few years. As I mentioned earlier, stormwater permits are valid for 5 years. When your state is due for a new construction stormwater permit, the states will look to the federal construction stormwater permit for the minimum requirements – if they have changed. And, of course, you must remember that states can establish stricter requirements.

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