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Compliance Week: A Look Back

As EHS Daily Advisor’s Compliance Week wraps up, let’s take a look back at the various content offerings that became available. Be sure to check out these virtual events and resources designed to help EHS professionals plot their safety compliance strategies for 2023 and beyond.

Day One

Back to Basics Feature | OSHA Inspections 101

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine OSHA inspections and what employers can expect to happen during an inspection.

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Webinar | Showdown on Capitol Hill 2023: OHS Update

Sponsored by: Avetta, Dakota Software, KPA, Intelex

Speaker: Adele Abrams, Esq., CMSP

In the wake of issuing an extremely ambitious OHS and labor law agenda in January 2023, with enhanced worker protection goals, the new Congress will entertain legislation to abolish OSHA and EPA, roll back regulatory protections and slash funding. This webinar will provide the latest information on how safety, health and HR will be affected in the coming years, and the forecast for 2024 and beyond.

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Day Two

EHS on Tap Podcast | Boosting EHS Compliance With Technology

On this week’s episode of EHS on Tap, we heard from Kevin Shoemaker, the EHS Solution Engineer for EHS Hero, on using technology to improve EHS compliance. Tune in to hear his insights.

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Day Three

EHSDA Shorts | Avoiding Fall Protection Violations

On this week’s episode of EHSDA Shorts, we hear from Karen Hamel, regulatory expert and trainer at HalenHardy, on her thoughts about how to avoid OSHA’s number one most-violated standard: fall protection. Tune in to hear her insights.

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Day Four

Faces of EHS | Michael Batts on Moving Beyond Compliance

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, we sat down with Michael Batts, senior HSE manager at CHEP Pallets, to discuss how he got his start in the industry, his thoughts on safety culture, and tips for moving beyond compliance.

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Day Five

Infographic | OSHA Inspections

One of the biggest parts of compliance is using OSHA guidelines and requirements for safety in the workplace when developing safety programs. Because of this, safety professionals must be ready and equipped to deal with what happens during OSHA inspections. Here’s what you need to know about OSHA inspections.

Click here to view the infographic.

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