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What We Learned From…EHS Technology Week 2023

Last week was EHS Daily Advisor’s EHS Technology Week. Let’s take a look back at the content that became available throughout the week which was designed around EHS technology to help organizations get into the digital landscape and provide better safety outcomes to their workers.


Back to Basics | Wearables and Smart PPE

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine wearables and smart PPE, and their potential impacts on the lives and work of safety professionals.

Read here.

Educational Session | Safety Technologies 101: Wearables & Heat Stress

Sponsored by: Avetta, Dakota, Intelex, MSA Safety

Speaker: Margaret Morrissey, PhD, President & Director of Occupational Safety, Heat Safety Coalition & Korey Stringer Institute

Key Takeaways: Physiological monitoring evaluates the individual stress or strain that the worker is experiencing and allows you to account for that individual variability in responses. There are some questions about the effectiveness of physiological monitoring in protecting against heat-related injuries and illnesses, though it can be used for many different reasons.

Watch the session here.

White Paper| Why the Adoption of EHS Mobile Software Is Essential for a Strong Safety Culture

Sponsored by: Origami Risk

Is your safety culture suffering due to outdated approaches to safety audits, inspections, and incident reports? Our new whitepaper explores how EHS mobile software can contribute to improved productivity and the reduction of incidents and injuries.

Download it here.


EHS on Tap Podcast | Mwangi Ndonga on EHS Tech

On episode 157 of EHS On Tap, Mwangi Ndonga, senior health and safety hygienist at Ball Corporation, talks about how EHS can take advantage of AI. This episode is presented as part of EHS Tech Week by KPA.

Listen here.

Educational Session | The High Cost of Ignoring Safety

Sponsored by: KPA

Speaker: Jade Brainard, Product Director, KPA
Deren Boyd, Sr. VP of New Markets, KPA

Key Takeaways: By focusing on unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and near misses, and what’s beneath the surface and the foundation, it will help with prevention efforts for more serious accidents. Safety can help lower the cost of business, from cost avoidance to keeping insurance premiums down.

Watch the session here.


Ask the Expert | Managing EHS Risks with Technology

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by Avetta, we talk to Scott DeBow, CSP, ARM, Principal of Health/Safety & Environment for Avetta, about using technology to manage EHS risks.

Read here.

Educational Session | Risk vs Reward: Making the Business Case for Safety and Health

Sponsored by: Avetta

Speaker: Tom Cecich, Strategic Advisor, Avetta

Key Takeaways: Workplace risk is an estimate of the probability of a hazard-related incident or exposure, and the severity of the harm or damage that can result. If you identify a high-risk operation or one that has the potential for risk, you have to define what the alternatives are to help mitigate that risk. Risk is inherent in workplaces, so resources should be allocated to mitigate the hazards presenting the highest risk.

Watch the session here.


Faces of EHS | Scott Gaddis on Digitizing EHS and Making Safety Personal

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, brought to you by Intelex, we sat down with Scott Gaddis, Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health at Intelex, to discuss his biggest industry influences, digitizing EHS management systems, and making safety personal.

Read here.

Educational Session | Workplace Deaths Aren’t Declining Fast Enough – What Can We Do About It?

Sponsored by: Intelex

Speaker: Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate & Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex

Key Takeaways: We need to focus on serious incidents and fatality accidents. Not all incidents are created equal, so safety professionals should focus on identifying the tasks or jobs with the highest SIF risk. Any strategy that is being pushed must have leadership buy-in. Focus on safety culture to promote correct decisions, and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your data.

Watch the session here.


Infographic| Wearables & Smart PPE

Wearables and smart PPE are entering the field with EHS professionals, and it is important for employers to understand their uses and how they can contribute to better worker safety. Here’s what you need to know about wearables and smart PPE.

View here.

White paper| Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools for Compliance And Safety

Sponsored by: Big Ass Fans

This paper looks at the issues impacting employee safety and comfort, and examines mitigation measures industrial site employers, hygienists, facility managers, and operators should consider when evaluating heat mitigation solutions to meet current and emerging regulatory demands.

Download it here.

e-Book | The Ultimate EHS Tech Guide

Sponsored by: MSA Safety

Is EHS technology top of mind for your business in 2023? If not, it should be. With our free guide, The Ultimate EHS Tech Guide, you’ll learn how you can take advantage of EHS Technology and how it can improve workplace safety across your business.

Download it here.

Friday Demo Day Session 1 | Solving the Safety Industry Pain Points Around Occupational Hearing Testing

Sponsored by: Examinetics

Speaker: Matt Kafer, Manager, Application Development, Examinetics

Key Takeaways: With a variety of testing options, you can create a program that meets the specific needs of your company or facility. The hearing conservation industry has told us that one of the keys to getting a consistent and accurate test is making sure that the participant understands what they’re supposed to do.

Watch the session here.

Friday Demo Day Session 2 | Risk Doesn’t Live in a Bubble: Streamlining Risk Management with Intelex Risk Registry

Sponsored by: Intelex

Speaker: Aaron Davis, Sr. Manager of Product Marketing

Key Takeaways: Risk management is a critical aspect of any organization, but it can be a daunting task when risk registers are managed in a disjointed and unconnected manner. This can lead to “hidden” risks that may go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

Watch the session here.

Friday Demo Day Session 3 | Simplifying Safety: Time For An All-In-One Solution Approach

Sponsored by: KPA

Speaker: Dale Golgart, Solutions Consultant, KPA

Key Takeaways: Innovative technology and customizable platforms can help you collect, evaluate, understand and implement safety and training information in real-time.

Watch the session here.

Friday Demo Day Session 4 | Contractor Management Solutions: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks through SaaS Technology!

Sponsored by: Avetta

Speaker: Jon Swanfeld, Regional Manager, North America, Avetta

Key Takeaways: The most important facets of contractor management are just risk mitigation. Outdated methods such as paper-based systems and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient to ensure visibility and control over contractors’ EHS commitments, leading to potential risks.

Watch the session here.

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