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What We Learned From…EHS Leadership Week 2023

EHS Daily Advisor’s EHS Leadership Week ran from August 21-25. Let’s take a look back at the content that became available throughout the week which was designed around EHS leadership to help organizations plan and execute EHS leadership initiatives.


Back to Basics | Worker Participation

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine worker participation and how leaders can help their employees get involved.

Read here.

Educational Session | Permission to Thrive: Empowering Leadership for Psychological Safety

Sponsored by: Intelex, KPA, Orasure

Speaker: Danielle Posa, Founder, Workplace Wellbeing Advisors, Vice Chair of Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative and Founder, The Wellbeing Hacker

Key Takeaways: Employees can empower themselves by being engaged with the work that they are doing, and using their strengths to give them the sense of confidence and security to speak up. Managers must be present and engaged with workers, and show them that they are being heard and understood.

Watch the session here.

Safety Standout Awards Ceremony

We have officially announced the EHS Daily Advisor 2023 Safety Standout Awards winners from the following categories:

  • Best Overall Safety Program and Culture
  • Innovations in Safety Training Award
  • Moving Beyond Compliance Award (Sponsored by Safestart)
  • Safety Technology & Innovation Award
  • Young Safety Professional Excellence Award

Watch the session here.

White paper | Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools For Compliance And Safety

Sponsored by: Big Ass Fans

Warehouses, industrial, and commercial buildings often suffer a common problem – moderate to excessive heat that can impact employee safety and productivity as well as violate federal, state, and local statutes such as OSHA, California Title 24 Part 6, and ASHRAE 55. This paper looks at the issues impacting employee safety and comfort, and examines mitigation measures industrial site employers, hygienists, facility managers, and operators should consider when evaluating heat mitigation solutions to meet current and emerging regulatory demands.

Download here for free.


EHS on Tap Podcast | Michael Kleeman of Red Cross on Hurricane Preparedness

Sponsored by: Evotix

On episode 171 of EHS On Tap, Michael Kleeman, a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the American Red Cross and head of the Disaster Cycle Sub-Council, discusses what businesses should know about hurricane preparedness.

Listen here.

Educational Session | Taking Small Steps: Driving Better Organizational Change and Safety Management

Sponsored by: Evotix

Speaker: Langdon Dement, Global EHS Specialist, Evotix

Key Takeaways: Safety is a journey, and a continuous process. If we start looking pre-incident, we can start seeing that there’s a lot of things that we can mitigate, and we can put focus there. We can actually start showing improvement.

Watch the session here.


Ask the Expert | Tips for Flame-Resistant Clothing

Sponsored by: Bulwark

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by Bulwark, we hear from Derek Sang, Senior Technical Training Manager at Bulwark Protection, about tips for wearing flame-resistance (FR) clothing in hot weather.  

Read here.

Educational Session | The Selection, Use, Care & Maintenance of FR/AR Clothing

Sponsored by: Bulwark

Speaker: Derek Sang, Senior Technical Training Manager, Bulwark Protection

Key Takeaways: The state of flame resistant arc rated clothing today is such that it’s really hard to mess it up. Follow the instructions. If you think about the integrity of that PPE and maximizing the protection, anytime you’re repairing it, you’re compromising the absolute overall protection.

Watch the session here.


Faces of EHS | John McHugh on Leading from the Heart

Sponsored by: Diversified Fall Protection

For our latest Faces of EHS, brought to you by Diversified Fall Protection, we sat down with John McHugh, Business Unit Leader of DFP West at Diversified Fall Protection, to discuss how he got his start in the industry, his work with fall protection, and how leaders should build safety culture.

Read here.

Educational Session | The Highest Possible Standard: Fall Protection Compliance According to ANSI Z359

Sponsored by: Diversified Fall Protection

Speaker: Kevin Kelpe, Director of Education Programs, Diversified Fall Protection (DFP)
John McHugh, Vice President – DFP West, Diversified Fall Protection (DFP)

Key Takeaways: OSHA really wants to know that we have gone through all of the hierarchy before we just go to selecting an anchor point, a harness, a lanyard, and tying someone off. The risks with being suspended in a full body harness sometimes can be severe and actually be fatal. The more stuff you put on a harness, especially if it’s not needed, the more difficult it is to get into that rescue position.

Watch the session here.


Friday Demo Day Session 1 | Transforming EHS Risk Management Through Worker Engagement Technology

Sponsored by: SAI360

Speaker: Matthew Craven, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, SAI360

Key Takeaways: By adopting a mature software platform with built-in data analytics and mobile capabilities, organizations can enhance their EHS risk management programs. With user-friendly interfaces, employees can actively engage in EHS initiatives, allowing them to report incidents and hazards or conduct audits and inspections in real-time, resulting in valuable insights and suggestions to improve EHS outcomes.

Watch the session here.

Friday Demo Day Session 2 | Simplifying Safety: Time For An All-In-One Solution Approach

Sponsored by: KPA

Speaker: Dale Golgart, Solutions Consultant, KPA

Key Takeaways: KPA’s Dale Golgart as he discussed how KPA’s Safety Software can empower your workforce with resources to keep each other safe. See how innovative technology and customizable platforms can help you collect, evaluate, understand and implement safety and training information in real-time.

Watch the session here.

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