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EHSDA Song of the Week: Help I’m Alive

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently launched a campaign to help reduce healthcare worker burnout and improve their mental health. In that spirit, the EHSDA Song of the Week is Metric’s “Help I’m Alive,” a 2008 indie rocker about overcoming stress.

“Help I’m Alive” was the lead single on the Toronto-based band’s fourth album, Fantasies. The song hit #17 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, #30 on Billboard’s Rock Songs chart, and #21 on the Canadian Hot 100.

The song also appeared in videogames such as NBA 2K10 and Dying Light 2: Stay Human, on TV shows including The Vampire Diaries, the rebooted Beverly Hills 90210, and Grey’s Anatomy, and in the movie Defendor.

Led by singer Emily Haines, Metric is still going strong. The band recently released its ninth album, Formentera II, and is currently on tour.

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