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EHS On Tap: Best of 2023

As we near the end of the year, we’re taking a look back at some of our highlights from 2023. Here are some of the EHS On Tap episodes that stand out from the past 12 months.

E147: Overcoming Generational Differences to Improve Workplace Safety

On episode 147 of EHS On Tap, Jill James, Chief Safety Officer, HSI, talks about the best ways to deal with generational differences in the workplace. Listen to the episode here.

E151: Complying with the Updated First Aid Kit Standard

On episode 151 of EHS On Tap, Todd VanHouten, Senior Director of Strategy & Innovation at Cintas First Aid & Safety, talks about updated requirements for first aid kits. Listen to the episode here.

E162: The Latest Developments in Heat Stress Prevention

On episode 162 of EHS On Tap, Margaret Morrissey, president of occupational safety for the Korey Stringer Institute and president of the Heat Safety & Performance Coalition, talks about the latest developments in the fight to protect workers from heat stress. Recorded as part of the EHS NOW Extreme Weather online summit. Listen to the episode here.

E166: Recognizing the Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

On episode 166 of EHS On Tap, Hector Alvarez, president of Alvarez Associates, talks about how to spot the warning signs of workplace violence. Listen to the episode here.

E173: Keeping the Focus on Safe Operations

On episode 173 of EHS On Tap, Langdon Dement, global EHS Advisor at Evotix, and Julian Taylor, Director of Sales Enablement at Evotix, talk about ensuring safe operations throughout your business. This episode is sponsored by Evotix. Listen to the episode here.

E180: The Importance of Hand Injury Prevention

On episode 180 of EHS On Tap, Aaron Harroch, national hand safety program manager for Superior Glove, talks about the importance of hand safety. This episode is sponsored by Superior Glove. Listen to the episode here.

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