7 Keys to a Successful Fleet Safety Program

Attendees at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety 2008 conference got the inside story on how one company has dramatically reduced its vehicle accident rates – and insurance costs . It is harder to ensure the safety of workers who drive as part of their job responsibilities than it is for workers under […]

Drive Safely to Work Week: Avoid the ‘Big 5’

October 6-10 is Drive Safely to Work Week. The event is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), which says the week is “devoted to improving the safety and health of the nation’s workforce by promoting safe driving practices at their place of business.” That means next week is the perfect time […]

7 Keys to a Winning Training Program

Yesterday we shared suggestions from the OSHA Required Training for Supervisors monthly newsletter on how you can apply principles from the sports world to improve safety practices at your organization. Today we pick up with tips for developing a winning training program for your team. Assess training needs. What safety-related skills and knowledge do employees […]

Coaching Safety Teamwork: Everybody Wins

Today we turn to the world of sports for some tips on how you can build and run a winning safety team. Teamwork is a beautiful thing to see. When players work as a team, they usually win. When they don’t, they often lose. The same holds true for safety in the workplace — when […]

If the Protective Shoe Fits, They’ll Wear It

In yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed OSHA’s foot protection requirements, and particularly the not-so-simple question of who is required to pay for it (generally the employers, but with certain notable exceptions). Today we move on to the proper selection and fit of foot protection, and we’ll look at a tool that helps you satisfy OSHA’s stringent […]

Foot Protection: Who Foots the Bill?

OSHA requires foot protection be worn to guard against a variety of hazards, but the question of who must pay for it is not as simple as it seems. Each year there are tens of thousands of disabling foot injuries, and requiring at-risk workers to wear appropriate foot protection isn’t just good safety practice – […]

What if my Employees ‘Flunk’ a Training Quiz?

Just because you train your employees, it doesn’t mean that they will “get it,” at least not right away. Today our Safety Training Tips editor talks about what to do if an employee fails important safety-training testing. Failure is not an option. When you’re dealing with safety and health training, lives could depend on all […]

Defensive Driving: Look! No Hands!

Yesterday we looked at 10 safe-driving tips from the veteran drivers/editors at Today we’ll look at some additional defensive-driving tips from our Safety Training Tips editor — and at a “hands-off” training tool that will drive home safe-driving techniques to your workforce. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of accidental death in […]

10 Tips to Prevent Employee Car Accidents

The veteran drivers/editors at have seen it all. Noted for their car ratings and reviews, here they parcel out their experience into 10 tips that can help keep your employees safe on the road. As an experienced safety professional, you are no doubt aware that the biggest risk facing your employees every day is […]

How Healthy Is your Communicable Diseases Policy?

Yesterday we looked at the continuing threat posed by tuberculosis (TB), the occupations most at risk of infection, and some steps you can take to help prevent the spread of this disease in your workplace. Today we’ll look at policies you can implement to protect your workers against all communicable diseases. While TB is one […]