Don’t Let Winter Drive Up Your Accident Rate

Whether it’s 3.6 inches of snow in Las Vegas or snow and ice storms in New England, we’ve already seen our fair share of dangerous weather this winter. Today we’ll cover some tips for keeping your workers safe in winter weather, particularly when on the road. Snow and ice, plus frequent strong winds and even […]

3 Ingredients of a Confined Space Tragedy

Confined spaces can be awkward and uncomfortable to work in. What’s more, hazards are generally even more severe when they exist in confined spaces. Today our Safety Training Tips editor gives some tips for avoiding an OSHA citation—or worse—an accident. Confined space accidents happen more often than you might think. And the National Institute of […]

7 Keys to Loading Dock Safety

Yesterday we looked at ways to enhance shipping and receiving safety, particularly for the tasks of lifting and material handling and packing and stacking. Today we turn to loading docks and look at steps you can take to bolster safety in this high-risk area. Working on loading docks presents a variety of hazards for employees […]

Does Your Shipping and Receiving Safety Stack Up?

Safety is not always top of mind for workers in shipping and receiving, who are usually busy trying to move items in and out quickly and making sure that paperwork is complete and up to date. But their work environment is rife with risks, and today we’ll look at ways to bolster safety in two […]

Defensive Driving Is No Accident

Yesterday we covered tips for keeping your workers safe when they are in or around golf cart-type vehicles. But your employees are even more at risk on the open road, so today we’ll look at defensive driving training for your workforce. When you think of work-related safety hazards, you probably think about what goes on […]

Fore! Is Your Golf Cart Safety Up to Par?

With golf carts becoming a staple of workplace transportation, we look at some tips for the safe operation and maintenance of these unique vehicles. Golf carts aren’t just for golf anymore. They are becoming more and more common in workplaces and on industrial campuses. Maintenance and landscape workers find them convenient for getting around large […]

The ABC’s of Safe Chemical Transportation

Chemicals, when transported, can endanger anyone at any stage in the journey, including people who live, work, or travel along the transport route. Today our Safety Training Tips editor covers the essentials for keeping that process safe. A. Training requirements. The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the transportation of hazardous materials under the Hazardous Materials […]

Breaking the Chain of Repeat Accidents

Yesterday’s Advisor conducted something of a forensic examination into the causes of repeat accidents. Today we turn to strategies for breaking that expensive and demoralizing chain. Armed with yesterday’s information about the people and places most likely to be involved in repeat accidents, as well as some contributing factors, we’re ready to move on to […]

Safety CSI: Repeat Accidents

Today we tackle the topic of repeat accidents, including figuring out likely locations, identifying likely suspects, and determining other factors that can aid and abet. It’s bad enough when an accident happens once. But if the same or similar accidents happen repeatedly, the damage multiplies. That’s why it’s so important to break the chain of […]

Are Your Forklift Operators Due for Retraining?

Yesterday we looked at the growing number of forklift-free workplaces, including some of the advantages they offer and some of the obstacles to a smooth conversion. But most facilities won’t be getting rid of their forklifts any time soon, so today we’ll look at OSHA forklift training requirements and at a tool that will help […]