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Q&A: Transferring Locks Between Shifts

Recently, one of our subscribers asked the following question: I am looking for guidance on developing a lockout program where I can protect my employees from disassembled equipment while transferring the locks without having a physical hand off. Our second shift must leave equipment disassembled and locked out at midnight when they go home. We […]

Identifying EHSs

Q. How do I identify extremely hazardous substances (EHSs) and hazardous substances on EPA’s List of Lists and SDSs?

Confined Spaces on a Floating Casino

Recently, one of our subscribers asked the following questions: Is a confined space on a permanently moored casino vessel adjacent to a land-based hotel covered under OSHA’s more restrictive general industry rule or under the maritime rules? Since the general industry standards are more restrictive than the maritime standards, if the vessel does fall under […]

Shipping Aerosols

What type of protective cap must be placed on aerosols if you don’t remove the nozzle? Is this the case if they are shipped in a 55 gallon drum? Or only if shipped loosely?

Q&A: Fume Hood in a Small Room

Is it OK to place a fume hood that is 78” by 29” in a small room 113” by 131”? This room has a front and back door that leads to another room. It’s like a holding room. There seems to be enough room for someone to walk through and exit. I’m concerned about safety […]

Turpentine Storage

Q. Is turpentine covered under Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) and what are the spill containment requirements for AST of turpentine?

SPCC: PE Certified Revision Required

Q. Does replacing a 1000 gallon UST with an 8000 gallon UST in the same location require a PE-certified revision to the SPCC Plan if nothing else has changed at the site?