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Domestic Violence and the Workplace: What Can You Do?

Estimates on domestic violence cases number in the millions every year. What can you do when one of those cases involves your workplace? Here’s a true story about domestic violence and what you can do to help employee victims. When an employee at one company was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend some years back, the […]

OSHA Enforcement Actions in 2011 Prove Costly to Some Employers

2011 was a busy year for OSHA enforcement. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most costly actions. As we start another year under the watchful eye of an OSHA administration that has not been reluctant to propose large penalties when citing employers for safety and health violations, it may be helpful to take […]

Free Report from Safety Daily Advisor Helps Safety Professionals Prepare for OSHA Inspections

The Safety Daily Advisor®: announced today the release of a free white paper, What to Expect from an OSHA Inspection, which will help you to prepare for and understand your rights during OSHA inspections. If you’ve ever worried about the prospect of an inspection, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of workplaces across the country […]

Top 10 Strategies for Combating Employee Stress

Employee stress stressing you out? Here are 10 strategies for combating employee stress. Workplace stress is a bigger problem than it used to be, and employers have good reason to be more concerned about it than in the past, says Barry Hall, principal at Buck Consultants. In a recent survey, 82% of participants reported that […]

How Much Are Unhealthy Workers Costing You, and What Can You Do About it?

It’s reported that unhealthy workers cost employers billions every year. NIOSH has some ideas for developing programs and policies that can improve worker health and cut costs. Full-time workers in the United States who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health conditions miss about 450 million more days per year than healthy workers. […]

Workplace Injuries: Where? Who? Why?

Today, we look first at some interesting injury statistics and then review 10 common compliance pitfalls that can lead to citations, accidents, and injuries A recent report by the insurance carrier Allsup finds that injury rates vary considerably by state, even for workers in the same industries. Keep reading to find out how your state […]

Is It Time for Training

Many training articles are focused on the content of training. But another equally valid consideration is when to train, which is the topic of today’s Advisor. There are many different scenarios in the workplace when training is necessary or recommended. For example: 1.  New employees or transferred employees should be trained before they are initially […]

Part 2: Are You Ready for an OSHA Inspection?

The heart of the inspection process is the walkaround. Jim Stanley, former OSHA deputy assistant secretary and currently president of FDRSafety in Brentwood, Tennessee, says advance planning is the best hedge against negative outcomes during this phase. The walkaround is the time when the inspector observes processes and talks with employees and supervisors. The law […]

Workplace Stress: Costs, Consequences, and What You Can Do About It

There’s nothing new about workplace stress. But recession, cutbacks, and job uncertainty have made things worse, according to many experts. Here are some ideas for reducing stress in your workplace. Statistics about workplace stress are enough to cause stress for employers who need to manage and pay for it. Several sources estimate the annual price […]

Don’t Slip Up!

Between workers comp expenses, lost-time, medical charges, and property damage, common slip, trip, and fall accidents can get expensive. Here are some important tips to pass on to your workers: Slips On slippery or wet surfaces, take short steps, walk with your feet turned outward slightly, and make wide turns at corners. Wear slip resistant […]