EHS On Tap E194: The Crucial Role of Business Continuity Planning

On episode 194 of EHS On Tap, Tom Heneghan, manager of Preparedness Education and Youth Preparedness at American Red Cross, talks about the importance of business continuity planning.

Tom Heneghan oversees the development and operations of preparedness programs designed to help families, communities, businesses, schools, and organizations become better prepared for disasters and other emergencies. Since joining the American Red Cross in 1993, he has worked primarily in the implementation and delivery of national preparedness and health and safety training programs. These programs reach approximately 9 million individuals each year.

Since 2013, Heneghan has managed the Ready Rating program; a free, web-based membership program that guides organizations on how to quantitatively measure their level of disaster preparedness; and then take the actions needed to continually improve that level. He also oversees a suite of programs and services designed to enhance the resilience of individuals, households, and communities when challenged by disasters and empower people to save lives when witnessing life-threatening events.