EHS on Tap: E35 Safety Culture: There’s an App for That!

Safety Culture 2018

When we talk about safety culture, often the focus is on soft skills—things like effective leadership, good communication, management and employee buy-in, and so forth. However, what many EHS managers may be overlooking in their day-to-day efforts to build safety culture is the role of technology. Are you leveraging new innovations to build the best safety program possible at your organization?

We have two guests today on EHS on Tap to help us take a look at this issue, from a company called, fittingly, SafetyCulture! SafetyCulture is the Title Sponsor of the EHS Daily Advisor’s upcoming Safety Culture 2018 event, taking place September 12-14 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Daniel Cummings is Customer Success Manager for SafetyCultureSafetyCulture, where he works with large customers as an industry expert to ensure best in class implementation of technology and software. Josh Yeamans is Product Expert for SafetyCulture, working with customers on various integration projects and technical development to get the most out of safety and quality in an organization.


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