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EHS On Tap E191: OSHA’s New Injury Reporting Rule

On episode 191 of EHS On Tap, John Ho, co-chair of the OSHA Workplace Safety Practice at Cozen O’Connor, talks about OSHA’s new injury reporting rule.

EHS On Tap E187: Dealing With Cold Weather Work Hazards

On episode 187 of EHS On Tap, Dr. Andrew MacPherson, clinical professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, talks about dealing with cold weather work hazards.

EHS On Tap E186: The Need for Inclusive PPE

On episode 186 of EHS On Tap, Amy Roosa, founder and CEO of The Safety Rack, talks about the need for properly fitting PPE for women.

EHS On Tap E185: Best Practices for ESG

On episode 185 of EHS On Tap, Ricky Marton, co-founder and CEO of Koru Global, talks about ESG best practices.