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EHS On Tap E164: Meet Incoming ASSP President James Thornton

On episode 164 of EHS On Tap, James Thornton, incoming president of the American Society of Safety Professionals, talks about what he hopes to accomplish in the next year. This episode was recorded at the ASSP Safety23 conference in San Antonio.

EHS On Tap Live E162: The Latest Developments in Heat Stress Prevention

On episode 162 of EHS On Tap, Margaret Morrissey, president of occupational safety for the Korey Stringer Institute and president of the Heat Safety & Performance Coalition, talks about the latest developments in the fight to protect workers from heat stress. Recorded as part of the EHS NOW Extreme Weather online summit.

EHS On Tap E157: How EHS Can Make the Most of AI

On episode 157 of EHS On Tap, Mwangi Ndonga, senior health and safety hygienist at Ball Corporation, talks about how EHS can take advantage of AI. This episode is presented as part of EHS Tech Week by KPA.