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EPA Updates Legal Guidance for Addressing Cumulative Impacts

The EPA recently released the “Cumulative Impacts Addendum to EPA Legal Tools to Advance Environmental Justice (EJ Legal Tools).” It provides a collection of examples of the Agency’s legal authorities to identify and address cumulative impacts through a range of actions, including permitting, regulations, and grants, in order to consider the lived experience of communities […]

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Cumulative Impact Ordinances Address Environmental Justice

Chicago may be the latest city to join other cities that have enacted cumulative pollution impact ordinances that address the impact of additional pollution from industrial operations seeking to open or expand operations “in already burdened low-income communities of color,” says the Chicago Sun Times.

The Second Integrated Urban Air Report to Congress—What’s Next?

The Second Integrated Urban Air Report to Congress—What’s Next? With publication of the Second Integrated Urban Air Report to Congress, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fulfilled its three primary obligations under the 1990 Clean Air Act (CAA) Amendments. These are: Report twice on accomplishments realized relative to reducing harmful air toxics; Regulate 90 […]