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The ROI of Workplace Safety

The following is adapted from Rethinking Hand Safety. Some years ago, I was working with a major aerospace company, helping it pick out the right gloves for some of its manufacturing workers. We had done trials and convinced the line managers to go from a general-purpose glove to a cut-resistant glove. We had lots of […]

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Lone Worker Safety Products: What’s the Return on Investment (ROI)?

If you read the title of this article and thought to yourself, “The answer is right there—the ROI is worker safety!” you are correct—partially. The main incentive for purchasing lone worker safety products is, of course, to protect lone workers. However, there are other business factors at play.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Safety Culture

The ROI of Safety Culture

In autumn 1987, Paul O’Neill gave his first speech to investors as CEO of Alcoa, an aluminum manufacturing company that was a behemoth in its industry but also struggling. O’Neill said his primary focus would be on worker safety over profits—so much so that he was striving for a goal of “zero injuries.” Everyone thought […]

Is Your Training Effective? Measure Your ROI

Your workers may be taking the training you’ve provided and doing great things—but compared to the cost of the training, just how great are they? What kind of return are you getting on your training investment? Your return on investment (ROI) answers the question, “For every dollar invested in training, how many dollars are is […]

The ROI of Reducing Work/Family Conflict

Sometimes, a worker’s job interferes with family commitments—and vice versa. Employees whose family obligations conflict with work requirements suffer increased stress, sleep disturbances, and health effects (such as increased blood pressure, drinking, and smoking). Workers who have caregiving responsibilities for children, aging parents, or other family members sometimes cannot meet the traditional expectations that apply […]

Tips for Linking Safety Performance to Business Value

Are the benefits of your safety program functions and performance undervalued because of communication barriers? Are you effectively measuring the performance of your program—and communicating that performance to managers in language they can understand? Keep reading for tips on how to use the tools of business managers and the format and language of the organization’s […]

Build a Rain Garden into Your SWPPP (con’t)

Advisor: What is the average life span of a properly maintained rain garden? RT: Don’t know yet. They haven’t been used long enough in this manner to know when they are done. Research indicates that they do better as they get older. As the biota [Advisor Note:  animal and plants of a particular region] in […]

Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Off-the-Job Safety Programs

by Dan Hannan, CSP An employer that only focuses on preventing workplace accidents is missing a large exposure. It’s a hard reality that the frequency of off-the-job injuries and fatalities exceed those occurring in the workplace many times over. Even though he’s not “on the job” when an employee makes home roof repairs , fails […]