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Interstate Pollution FIP Proposed

The EPA has released a preproposal for a Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) to carry out its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) in states that do not have approved state implementation plans (SIP) showing how they will comply with the CSAPR.

What If Your State ‘Just Says No’ to the Clean Power Rule?

The Senate Majority Leader is itching to pass legislation that allows your state to opt out of the Obama administration’s CPP rule. Some states are trying to pass laws so that their legislatures will be able to veto the rule, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin recently issued an Executive Order prohibiting the state’s Department of […]

Bike to Work and Other Commuting Incentives—Can It Pay Off for You?

Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) Under the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, states that have areas designated as extreme or severe nonattainment for ozone were required to revise their state implementation plan (SIP) by adopting regulations to implement ETR programs and reduce work-related vehicle trips and miles traveled by employees. In 1995, Congress amended the law, […]

SO2 NAAQS: What’s Next?

By Timothy P. Fagan, BLR Air Expert tfagan@blr.com How were nonattainment designations determined? Once the NAAQS was set in 2010, EPA and state agencies worked together using monitoring data to determine what areas should be designated nonattainment and establish the area’s boundaries.  The newly designated nonattainment areas were designated as such because each had air […]

How do I make changes to my Title V permit

Administrative amendments Administrative amendments can be initiated by the permitting authority to correct typos or to incorporate the requirements of a SIP-approved construction permit.  However, the permittee may also initiate administrative amendments by submitting a request to the permitting authority to change such things as the contact information of someone listed in the permit, the […]