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Master Class Offers the Latest on OSHA Compliance and Recordkeeping

Get caught up on the latest changes to OSHA policies and regulations and equip yourself with the skills you need to keep your company in continued compliance with these notoriously tricky regulations!

This master class will provide best practices, information, and regulatory compliance guidance for navigating the inspection and enforcement process, assessing and mitigating hazards, training your workforce, self-assessment and documenting a safe workplace, as well as the OSHA standards that generates the most questions and comments–injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting. All topics are approached in a manner that will prepare you to demonstrate compliance when OSHA comes knocking and ensure that you’re keeping employees safe.

In addition to the fundamentals, this master class will cover the latest regulatory changes that impact your compliance and recordkeeping obligations and look to the future at the upcoming regulatory actions on OSHA’s agenda for 2023.

Join us for a live, virtual master class on OSHA compliance essentials that will help you keep your employees safe and keep your company out of OSHA’s enforcement crosshairs!

By attending this virtual workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize how and why your facility or operation becomes subject to an OSHA enforcement action.
  • Use the JHA process to effectively control hazards.
  • Recall assessment and documentation requirements for PPE, including respiratory protection programs.
  • Determine the requirements for training programs in your workplace.
  • Determine the necessary recording and reporting steps in response to an injury or illness.
  • Employ incident investigation best practices to demonstrate compliance with the General Duty Clause.
  • Effectively self-evaluate your facility and operations to ensure worker safety and regulatory compliance.
  • List the requirements of new regulations.

Register for the workshop here.

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