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What We Learned From…ESG Week 2023

Last week was EHS Daily Advisor’s Enviro, Social, and Governance (ESG) Week. ESG reporting and sustainability have moved from catchy buzzwords and “nice to have” elements of an organization’s portfolio to become business requirements. Let’s take a look back at the content that became available throughout the week which was designed around ESG to help organizations meet these new demands.

Monday, April 17

EHSDA Shorts | Challenges with Safety and ESG Culture

On this ESG Week edition of EHSDA Shorts, we hear from Scott Gaddis, Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health, at Intelex Technologies, about his thoughts on safety culture and ESG culture, and the challenges safety pros face when building both. Tune in to hear his insights. 

View the clip here.

Educational Session | The ABCs of ESG Reporting

Sponsored by: Avetta, Dakota, Intelex, KPA

Speaker:  Claire V. Beich, President/Owner, Ascend Consulting EHS, LLC

Key Takeaways: The first step to setting up your organization for success when implementing ESG principles is to assess your assets. Keep tabs on changing regulations, where you are doing business and with who, and what their expectations are for ESG reporting.

The next step is to find your ESG baseline and your scope of responsibility. This involves seeing where your organization is at in terms of water, carbon recycling, biodiversity, compliance, carbon emissions, etc. Lastly, you must take a look at your company’s core values, and make sure that they align with your ESG goals.

Watch the full presentation on demand here.

White Paper | How to Integrate ESG Within Your Organization

Sponsored by: SAI360

More than ever, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play a key role in how stakeholders and shareholders evaluate them. Companies are expected to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive ESG strategy that meets ESG regulatory requirements.

Download here.

Tuesday, April 18

EHS on Tap Podcast | The Importance and Value of ESG for Organizations

Sponsored by: Avetta

Guest: Katie Martin, Principal Lead, Sustainability & ESG, Avetta

ESG is becoming a more important topic for organizations as stakeholders, government, consumers, investors, employees continue to pursue it. ESG and EHS together can help companies reach goals, become more successful and even increase revenue. Tune in for our latest EHS on Tap Podcast as Editor-in-Chief Jay Kumar sits down with Katie Martin, Principal Lead, Sustainability & ESG for Avetta, as they discuss the importance of ESG initiatives for future success.

Listen to the full episode here.

Educational Session | EHS 2.0: From Cost Center to Value Creation

Sponsored by: Avetta

Speaker: Katie Martin, Principal Lead, Sustainability & ESG, Avetta

Key Takeaways: When ESG principles are incorporated into EHS procedures, there is a significant rise in employee motivation, retention, and satisfaction, which leads to increased productivity and less days out of the office.

ESG and sustainability reports are now more consolidated, coming together to tell a story about an organization by including data about climate emissions alongside health and safety data. EHS is going to be the most critical business unit contributing to ESG programming and metrics, which provides opportunities for more investment into technology solutions.

Watch the full presentation on demand here.

Wednesday, April 19

Ask the Expert | Hazardous Dusts

In our ESG Week installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by our sponsor, Camfil, we look at some questions about hazardous dust and how it relates to air quality. See what expert Randi Huckaby, product manager with Camfil APC, had to say. 

Read the article here.

Educational Session | How Dry Filtration Can Help Industrial Processes Meet Emissions Limits

Sponsored by: Camfil

Speaker: Randi Huckaby, Product Manager – Dry Filtration Air Pollution Control (APC) Global, Camfil APC

Key Takeaways: When aiming to achieve good air quality, you should consider sources of emissions, local conditions at your site, and things such as noise and ancillary pollution. All of these factors affect what your equipment needs, and the implementation plan will be, economic factors should be considered last.

When it comes to air filter design, media type will affect the configuration and airflow capacity. Particulate size, filter shape, and design will also affect the system. Dust collection medias are typically either cellulose or synthetic based, and all of them affect performance, lifetime, and cost.

Watch the full presentation on demand here.

Thursday, April 20

Faces of EHS | Amanda Smith on the Impacts of ESG

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, we sat down with Amanda Smith, VP Solutions Marketing and Enablement at Cority, to discuss her biggest influences in the industry, building a responsibility-focused culture, and four specific impacts of ESG.

Read the full interview here.

Educational Session | Making an Impact: Looking at Sustainability Through the Lens of EHS

Sponsored by: Cority

Speaker: Amanda Smith, VP, Solutions Marketing & Enablement, Cority

Key Takeaways: Tying your programs to sustainability initiatives can help drive awareness and visibility, and encourage collaboration and information sharing. Leadership should work with sustainability professionals to develop programs that prioritize work and wellbeing.

Additionally, individuals can consider factors in their own environment, even if they aren’t getting involved with a sustainability program. Individuals can support health and wellness, educate, advocate, and spread awareness about sustainability.

Watch the full presentation on demand here.

Friday, April 21

e-Book | Setting the Standard For ESG Growth Strategies

Sponsored by: Avetta

An essential roadmap to prepare and equip your EHS functions and managers to meet the ESG requirements and gather the right ESG data. More than ever, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play a key role in how stakeholders and shareholders evaluate them. Companies are expected to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive ESG strategy that meets ESG regulatory requirements.

Download here.

Friday Demo Day Session 1 | ESG Week Demo

Sponsored by: Avetta

Speaker: Bob Poteet, Global Sales Consultant, Avetta

Key Takeaways: When you start to take on the responsibility of collecting ESG data, you must find a way to introduce this effectively to contractors and suppliers. One way to do this is by leveraging intuitive platforms that can ease the journey for them and introduce requirements over time.

Watch the full presentation on demand here.

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