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What We Learned From…ESG Week 2024

Last week was EHS Daily Advisor’s Enviro, Social, and Governance (ESG) Week. ESG reporting and sustainability have moved from catchy buzzwords and “nice to have” elements of an organization’s portfolio to become business requirements. Let’s take a look back at the content that became available throughout the week, which was designed around ESG to help organizations meet […]

Back to Basics: Prevention Through Design

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine Prevention through Design. The goal of the safety professional is to minimize risk and reduce harm in the workplace as efficiently and effectively as possible. Leadership can eliminate hazards at each […]

EPA Releases 2022 GHG Data

In October 2023, the EPA released 2022 greenhouse gas (GHG) data collected under the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). For 2022, the report reveals emissions from large industrial sources were approximately 1% lower than in 2021. Cumulative data collected also shows an overall long-term decreasing trend in industry GHG emissions since 2011, which is […]

EHS On Tap Live: E182 Integrating Technology for Workplace Safety, Sustainability, and Risk Mitigation

On episode 182 of EHS On Tap, Langdon Dement, Global EHS Specialist at Evotix, and Catryna Jackson, Sustainability and Environmental Programs Leader for Evotix, talk about using technology for sustainability and risk mitigation. This episode is sponsored by Evotix and was recorded live as part of EHS Daily Advisor’s Technology NOW online summit on November 8.

Feds Heat Up Climate Enforcement

President Joseph Biden Jr.’s Executive Order (EO) 14008 calls on all federal agencies to use a whole-of-government approach to tackle the climate crisis. In keeping with this directive, the EPA recently announced its Climate Enforcement and Compliance Strategy, which directs all enforcement and compliance programs to address climate change, wherever appropriate, in every matter within […]

California Mandates Emissions Disclosures from Companies

In October 2023, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two landmark laws that will require companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenues operating in California to disclose both direct and indirect emissions resulting from their operations and report on climate-related financial risks. SB 253 One of the new laws, SB 253, has been characterized […]

The Latest in the HFC Crusade

On October 6, 2023, the EPA announced two regulations in the continued crusade to phase down the use of super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). The first new action is a final rule to accelerate the ongoing transition to more efficient and climate-safe technologies in new refrigeration, heating, and cooling systems and other products by restricting the use […]

EPA Approves Ohio Plan to Reduce Western Lake Erie Algae Blooms

On September 28, 2023, the EPA approved Ohio’s plan to reduce the amount of phosphorus flowing from the Maumee River into Lake Erie’s western basin. The plan establishes a total maximum daily load (TMDL) for phosphorus for the Maumee River Watershed. “The TMDL is a ‘pollution diet’ dictating the maximum amount of pollution the water […]