Category: Personnel Safety

Q&A: Eyewash Station

Recently, a subscriber asked the following question: We are in a medical clinic setting and have a question about our eyewash stations. We currently have the bottles with saline flush system. We are wondering if we need to upgrade those to the faucet system. Where do we find these guidelines?

Q&A: Gauze as Biohazardous Waste

We recently received the following question from a customer: I work in a warehouse. If an employee has an accident and a the trained responder wore latex gloves, patted the blood away with gauze pads, and placed a large bandage on the wound, is this considered biohazardous waste?

School Leaders Share Valuable Safety Lessons

When you think of hazardous work, thoughts turn to manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and construction. Jokes about paper cuts notwithstanding, the typical school seems relatively free of risk compared to these environments, right? Maybe not.

We’re Stacking Up Ways to Reduce Warehouse Risk

With more than 360,000 people employed at 16,000 warehouses and storage facilities in the United States, warehouses play a critical role in the flow of goods and services that fuel our economy. But the work can be hazardous, and vigilance is required. This Compliance Report reviews the hazards and solutions, with the focus on tips […]

Q&A: Climbing Ladders

Recently, a subscriber asked us the following question: Is there a requirement for using rungs versus rails when climbing on fixed vertical ladders or portable step/extension ladders?