Category: Song of the Week

The EHS Daily Advisor editorial staff pick their favorite safety-centric songs to serve as the soundtrack to your workday.

EHSDA Song of the Week: Danger! High Voltage

Things are getting a little weird in this installment of the EHSDA Song of the Week. We’re jumping ahead to 2003, when indie guitar rock was experiencing a comeback. A gloriously strange band out of Detroit called Electric Six released a single that was about the electricity between two people, but could also generally apply […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Finest Worksong

For our second Song of the Week, we stay in the ’80s but go in a different direction than last week’s entry. “Finest Worksong” is an anthemic blast from R.E.M. that is more of a salute to workers than anything else. The lead track off the band’s 1987 album Document immediately rings out with loud […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: The Safety Dance

Welcome to the first installment of the EHSDA Song of the Week. It’s Friday and we want to have a little fun, so each week, we’re going to highlight a song that is somehow related to safety. Some songs will be more safety-centric than others, but just go with it. Like we said, it’s Friday. […]