Category: Song of the Week

The EHS Daily Advisor editorial staff pick their favorite safety-centric songs to serve as the soundtrack to your workday.

EHSDA Song of the Week: Falling

Last week at the 2023 National Safety Council’s Safety Congress and Expo in New Orleans, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration unveiled its top 10 most-cited standards for the year, and for the 13th straight time, fall protection was in the top spot. To that end, the EHSDA Song of the Week is Julee Cruise’s […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Talkin’ Bout New Orleans

EHS Daily Advisor spent the beginning of this week in New Orleans attending the National Safety Council (NSC) Safety Congress and Expo, so it feels appropriate to feature New Orleans’ own The Meters in the Song of the Week. “Talkin’ Bout New Orleans” is a typically funky Meters jam, featured on the band’s sixth album […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

This week, a special issue of the journal Seminars in Hearing detailed 50 years of the National Insitute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) hearing loss prevention efforts. NIOSH has conducted extensive research into workplace noise exposure and hearing loss risks. Thus, the Song of the Week is a classic from the Rolling Stones, “Can’t […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Fell On Black Days

Worker mental health is often overlooked, but businesses are paying more attention to it these days. OSHA in August focused its Safe + Sound Week program on mental health and well-being and resources to help alleviate workplace stress and support mental health. This week, the EHSDA Song of the Week is Soundgarden’s “Fell On Black […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: She’s Lost Control

This week, EHS Daily Advisor wrote about the hierarchy of controls, which companies and regulatory agencies have used to determine how they should implement workplace safety solutions. That inspired us to go back to 1979 for the Song of the Week, a post-punk classic from Joy Division called “She’s Lost Control.” Released on the band’s debut […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: We Gotta Get Out of This Place

This week, EHSDA highlighted the basics of evacuation procedures in an emergency. With that in mind, the Song of the Week is a song that was popularized by the Animals in 1965, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.” Written by songwriters Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill, the song was originally intended to be recorded […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Are You Ready

As EHSDA’s Emergency Preparedness Week comes to a close, one overarching and obvious theme that emerged was readiness. Advanced planning and preparation are vital to ensuring that businesses can handle what disasters throw at them. To wit, the Song of the Week features the great Thin Lizzy asking a very important question: “Are You Ready?” […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Cuts You Up

Eighty-four percent of sharps injuries—injuries from a needle or sharp object—occur among healthcare workers, according to a recent analysis from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These can expose workers to bloodborne pathogens such as human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases. This disturbing statistic leads us to […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

It’s September and the kids are back to school, but the summer heat persists. We just went through the hottest summer since records began in 1940, and the current heat wave has forced school closings and early dismissals throughout the Midwest and the Northeast. Given these sweltering conditions, this week’s EHSDA Song of the Week […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: New York Mining Disaster 1941

When people typically think of the Bee Gees, they think of the “Saturday Night Fever” era and white suits and disco balls (as we did earlier this year), but the brothers Gibb had a decent career as pop performers before that. On this EHSDA Song of the Week, the Bee Gees weave a compelling tale […]