EHS on Tap: E40 Understanding the Links between Workplace Violence and Substance Abuse

Violence and substance abuse

The threat from workplace violence is very real, and employers simply can’t afford to ignore it. Hopefully you already have a workplace violence prevention program in place, and if not, you’re steadily working toward implementing one. The issue is multifaceted, touching upon everything from active shooters to coworker conflict to domestic violence spillover. Our guest on today’s episode of EHS on Tap is here to talk about another angle of the problem that you may not have considered. We’re talking about the intersection of workplace violence with another common organizational concern: substance abuse. We’re joined today by Patrick Prince, associate vice provost and chief threat assessment officer for the University of Southern California and a speaker at the upcoming 2019 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium.

You can read a transcript of this podcast episode here.

Patrick PrincePatrick Prince is the associate vice provost and chief threat assessment officer for the University of Southern California. In addition to his role at USC, Patrick is a standing member of corporate threat assessment teams for several Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous cities and government agencies. He has consulted on more than 2,800 cases dealing with a wide array of situations ranging from intimidation, harassment and verbal threats to physical assaults, acts of sabotage, felony stalking, discharging firearms in the workplace and on-the-job homicide.

Patrick will be presenting an educational session, “Substance Abuse and Workplace Violence: Understanding the Impact and Addressing the Risk,” at BLR’s upcoming 2019 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium, taking place March 14 through 15 in San Antonio, Texas. Register Now!


2019 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium
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