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HAZWOPER—Who You Gonna Train?

HAZWOPER applies to employers involved in three general categories of work operations: Hazardous waste site cleanup operations (e.g., Superfund, voluntary cleanups, and corrective actions under RCRA) Operations involving hazardous waste at TSDFs (e.g., a landfill that accepts hazardous waste), and Emergency response operations for releases of, or the threat of release of, hazardous substances at […]

New Voluntary Manufacturers Program to Control Pesticide Drift

New Voluntary Manufacturers Program to Control Pesticide Drift Pesticides that drift onto neighboring properties increase risk of exposure for human populations in schools, homes, and adjacent fields and can negatively impact water, the environment, and wildlife. Even as the EPA is more strictly regulating pesticides and farmworkers, the reality of pesticide drift or volatilization has […]

HAZWOPER Medical Surveillance FAQs—Part 2

HAZWOPER Medical Surveillance FAQs—Part 2 Q: At what time(s) are medical examinations and consultations required for employees covered under the HAZWOPER regulations? A: The frequency requirements for medical examinations and consultations are established as follows: For employees covered under 1910.120(f)(2)(i), (ii), and (iv), employers must make medical examinations and consultations available: Before assignment, At least […]

A Regulatory Review for Meth Lab Clean Up

A Regulatory Review for Meth Lab Clean Up The illegal manufacturing of meth is occurring nationwide in cities and towns, homes and businesses, and even in vehicles. It can be accomplished using over-the-counter drugs and household chemicals such as ammonia, solvents, muriatic acid, and even salt. Due to the variety of “recipes” for “cooking” meth, […]

Six Essential Components of HAZWOPER Site Analysis

If you’re in charge of a HAZWOPER site, there are site-related duties and responsibilities you need to be aware of. These include site characterization and analysis, establishing a chain of command, and site control.