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Let’s Play ‘First Aid or Medical Treatment?’

On December 11, 2010, boxmaker Beverly Brown was walking down a vertical staircase at a Wayne Farms chicken processing plant in Decatur, Alabama, when she lost her balance and fell. Her only obvious injury was a cut on her lip, so Brown was taken to the plant’s medical room, where she was given an antibiotic […]

First Aid for Winter Injuries, Part II

Most people who work in cold conditions are aware of their risk of frostbite and hypothermia, but they may be less aware of their risk of dehydration, overexertion, and trench foot caused by cold exposure. Here’s how workers can identify these conditions and treat them appropriately. Here are signs, symptoms, and first-aid recommendations for these […]

First Aid for Winter Injuries

The polar vortex and the Arctic blast may sound like the names of frozen treats from your local ice cream shop; sadly, you’re not likely to top off the real thing with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. These blasts of frigid air and accompanying winter weather can do real damage—some of which might require a […]

Are Corrosives Eating Away at Safety in Your Facility?

Are your workers in danger from corrosive chemicals? If so, give them the information they need to protect themselves. Workers may know that corrosive materials can be hazardous to their skin and eyes, but are they aware that these substances are also highly reactive when they come into contact with certain other substances? Or that […]