‘Other Recordable Cases’ or Simple First Aid? How to Tell

Federal OSHA does not require employers to record injuries that only require first aid on OSHA injury and illness forms (OSHA Form 300 and 301 Incident Reports). At most workplaces, injuries or illnesses requiring only first aid are commonplace.

However, it is easy to get confused about when to record an incident and what is really a recordable event. This article will explain which types of cases federal OSHA considers other recordable or simply limited to first aid and not recordable.

A case is OSHA recordable if it involved treatment beyond first aid or a diagnosis of significant injury or illness.

If the employee did not have days away from work (Column H), job transfer, or restriction (Column I), the case is recorded in Column J: Other Recordable Cases. You must also record the appropriate category under Column M: Injury and Illness Types.

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