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Six Essential Components of HAZWOPER Site Analysis

If you’re in charge of a HAZWOPER site, there are site-related duties and responsibilities you need to be aware of. These include site characterization and analysis, establishing a chain of command, and site control.

Post-Closure Requirements for Waste-In-Place TSDFs

Post-Closure Requirements for Waste-In-Place TSDFs When a TSDF cannot “clean close,” or completely decontaminate equipment, structures, and soils before closure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established specific post-closure requirements under 40 CFR Part 264/265, Subpart G. These requirements were developed for land disposal units (LDUs), such as landfills, land treatment units, and surface impoundments […]

Steps in the Hazardous Waste Decontamination Process

The steps in the decontamination process vary depending on the hazards involved, the equipment available, and the terrain and circumstances. However, this list is typical of what would be set up for a complex decontamination. Station 1: Segregated Equipment Drop Deposit equipment used on-site (tools, sampling devices and containers, monitoring instruments, radios, clipboards) on plastic […]

A Primer on Toxic Substances

Toxic substances are found in many facilities, and employees can suffer a variety of illnesses as a result of unprotected exposures. According to Understanding Toxic Substances, a guide for employers and employees published by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries: "The toxicity of a substance is its ability to cause harmful effects. These effects […]

Requirements for Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

Yesterday, we reviewed the definition of flammable liquids within the context of the OSHA standard and also talked about flammable categories and safety can requirements. Today, we focus on storage cabinet requirements. By Ana Ellington, BLR Legal Editor OSHA requires flammable cabinets to be designed and constructed to specific requirements. Metal cabinets must be constructed […]