Improving Worker Health and Safety by Design

Improving Worker Health and Safety by Design   NIOSH broadly defines “green” jobs as those “that help to improve the environment.” These may include jobs related to renewable energy like solar and wind, jobs in recycling, jobs in the manufacturing of cleaner more sustainable products, and jobs where workers use these greener products such as […]

Climate Change and Worker Health—Rising Risks

Climate Change and Worker Health—Rising Risks Employers in the United States have long been governed by laws and regulations designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for workers. But climate change presents a new set of worker risks that are just beginning to be understood. Although many of the actual risks are the same […]

Not Too Hot to Handle: Tips for Preventing Heat-Induced Illnesses and Injuries

Late July brings some of the hottest temperatures of the year around the country. So it’s a good time for some refreshing refresher training on how your workers can beat the heat. Today’s Advisor gives you some training content. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) warns that heat-induced occupational illnesses, injuries, and […]

3 Steps for Developing a Stress-Reduction Program

Stressed workers can be a safety hazard. Here are three steps for reducing stress and the risk of stress-related accidents. According to a recent survey, 62 percent of employees report high levels of stress, leading to extreme fatigue and feeling out of control. Highly stressed workers are less likely to eat healthfully, exercise, and get […]

Make Sure Your Workers Are Safe from Unexpected Machine Startups

Workers are at risk of severe injury and death during machine maintenance and servicing if proper lockout/tagout procedures are not followed. Over a 25-year period, NIOSH investigated 185 fatalities related to installation, maintenance, service, or repair tasks on or near machines, equipment, processes, or systems. Investigations were carried out in 20 states as part of […]

Mobile Apps for Safety Professionals

Find out how smartphone apps and other mobile technology can make your job easier. Without question, digital technology has improved and enhanced the way safety professionals do their jobs, says Pam Walaski, a certified safety professional herself and regional manager for EHS services at Compliance Management International, a full-service safety consulting business. “It ranges from […]

What You Should Know About OSHA’s Annotated PEL Tables

Yesterday, we focused on OSHA’s safer chemicals toolkit. Today, we turn to its annotated PEL tables. OSHA recognizes that many of its permissible exposure limits (PELs) are outdated and inadequate for ensuring protection of worker health. Most of OSHA’s PELs were issued shortly after adoption of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970, and […]

Hearing Loss: A Bigger Safety Problem Than You Might Think

According to NIOSH, 4 million workers go to work each day in damaging noise. Ten million people in the U.S. have a noise-related hearing loss. Twenty-two million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year. Because of these statistics, NIOSH recommends that all worker exposures to noise should be controlled below a level equivalent […]