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The "Secret" to a Safer, More Efficient Workplace

There are hazards even in the safest workplaces. And one of the best ways to eliminate these dangers is through effective housekeeping. There’s a double payoff for emphasizing housekeeping and general maintenance—they make your workplace safer and more efficient. There are hidden hazards in even the safest-looking workplace. And most of them can be eliminated […]

What Happens After Something Happens?

Properly conducted accident investigations analyze and eradicate the hazards that cause accidents. Investigations also educate and motivate to prevent future incidents. Accidents happen. Despite your best efforts, zero accident policies, and well-trained employees, things sometimes go wrong. So what happens after an accident or near miss happens in your facility is a question you have […]

OSHA Sets Regulatory Priorities for 2010

Hazardous chemicals and substances play leading roles in OSHA’s list of regulatory priorities for 2010. Here’s a quick review of expected rulemaking. What’s new with OSHA? OSHA Chief Dr. David Michaels says, "We’re moving from reaction to prevention, beefing up enforcement, and moving the regulatory agenda forward." Regulatory priorities for this year have been set […]

Your Safety Record: Slip-Sliding Away?

Considering the full spectrum of workplace injuries, slip-and-fall accidents may seem relatively minor—and sometimes they are. But the fact of the matter is that they are a major cause of workplace injuries and deaths. Today we invite you to a special audio conference on eliminating slip-and-fall hazards in your workplace. According to OSHA, slips, trips, […]

Defensive Driving: Look! No Hands!

Yesterday we looked at 10 safe-driving tips from the veteran drivers/editors at Today we’ll look at some additional defensive-driving tips from our Safety Training Tips editor — and at a “hands-off” training tool that will drive home safe-driving techniques to your workforce. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of accidental death in […]

Don’t You Just Hate Repeats?

Our Safety Training Tips editor is no fan of summer television repeats, but repeat accidents in the workplace are a much more serious matter. Just consider how much even one accident can affect your workplace by: Lowering morale about employer commitment to safety Creating fear about working in unsafe conditions Adding stress from worrying about […]

Caring for Your Back: A Scholarly Approach

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that back injuries account for 1 in 5 workplace injuries/illnesses. Back problems also account for many lost workdays. Simple steps to care for the back can prevent injury. According to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), risk factors for back injuries […]

Legal Issues in Training: Q & A

Compliance with employment laws and regulations often impacts training in a variety of important ways. Here are three specific issues. Q. Is it permissible to exclude employees from training if they are expected to retire soon? A. Especially in light of the economy, it is understandable that an employer would want to invest its training […]